[Now closed] Frank’s dinning dessert bar: laid back dining with unique dishes

One of the newer restaurants in Bucharest, Franks dessert bar was named, in memorial, after the owner’s dog. And while they actually open at 12:00 – I’m calling them a brunch place, because that’s when late weekend bloomers, like myself, get around to brunch. Also, there’s fabulous cake, which should be an absolute must for any self-respecting brunch place.

Food 4/5

Generally go here for food options that are not the garden variety types of brunch – they make some special dishes here that are simple and very well executed. Like cauliflower cacio e pepe – amazing! I’m not a vegetarian, but food like this can turn you. It was even a hit with my husband – who got the burger, but ate half my cauliflower dish first. The burger was also quite good – simple, to the point and good flavor.

If you’re going here with picky eaters, do not worry, you still get your crowd pleasers like poached eggs, or several types of pasta and steak.

For these early hours they have 2 types of dessert – usually a chocolate based one and another fruity option. All have been amazing so far, and although I’m partial to chocolate, the fruity ones have surprised me. We’ve had an orange sponge cake that was packed with flavour. But what I liked best was the pineapple sticky rice (they were calling it pineapple slice with sweet risotto and mango reduction) – it was really pineapple sticky rice, with mango sauce on the side and it was super delish. Just having come back from my Thai vacation, this dessert brought me right back there.

Location 3/5

Small place near Victoriei Plaza, it’s recently been redecorated. You get a casual feel when you go in, with colorful furniture, that’s not over the top. The service is relaxed and personal. The prosecco is dry and fruity. This is unarguably a good way to start the weekend.

Drinks 3/5

Well this was the only disappointment. I ordered a machiatto, my husband ordered a capuccino and we both got maybe capuccinos. Anyway, by the looks of their espresso machine inside, I expected better. Arguably, this was the first day after their re-opening, so they were still a bit in the weeds. Will go back in there guys and gals, sacrifice myself and test yet another cake and coffee – just for you!

That said – prosecco was good, lemonade was good. Overall drinks were nothing to write home about, but they were ok.

Pricing – $$$. Value for money – 5/5

Frank’s is above average in pricing and that’s because they offer above average food. What you get here is special – you don’t get some of these dishes anyplace else, they’re cooked with care and they’re delicious. So value for money is spot on, in my opinion.

Frank’s Bistro and Dessert Bar gets an overall score of 4/ 5.

I for one am looking forward to going back there and try something new from the menu. It’s not often when I get excited about new places, but this one has me curious.

Find Frank’s Dinning Dessert Bar:

Address: Postelnicului 12, Bucharest, Romania

On Facebook: http://fb.com/frankdessertbar

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